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Weekly Contest: The Swellers


  • Weekly Contest: The Swellers
    March 25, 2011

    This week Evan put together a prize package from The Swellers that includes an autographed poster and a copy of the album Ups & Downsizing.

    WINNER: Congratulations to Musicislife101 for winning this week's contest!

Fueled By Ramen's picture
on March 25, 2011 - 4:16pm

This week Evan put together a prize package from The Swellers that includes an autographed poster and a copy of the album Ups & Downsizing.

WINNER: Congratulations to Musicislife101 for winning this week's contest!


seantod's picture

I deserve to win, because I have yet to place a Swellers poster on my wall, and without one my wall seems bare.

adri41's picture

Basically I want to win beacuse I love these guys! I love them so much that when I listening to their music and when I see them rocking I forget I'm a lesbian. They are one of my favourite bands and I'm glad I heard about them 2 years ago.

ymkje's picture

wow these are amazing prizes! i would love to win because i love having hardcopy cds (my cd rack is overflowing) and don't have this one but i wouldn't purchase it myself because i already bought the album on itunes. also the poster is a really nice image (and i love the band a lot!) which means it would look great in my room! basically i would want to win because i am a huge fan, but i know most others are too and i have never won a give away so good luck to everybody!

JakeG_FTW's picture

I would like to win this record because lately the swellers have been growing on me a lot. I saw them in Seattle with Fireworks and transit at some small veterans hall and it was the best show I've ever been to. I talked to Nick after the show for about ten minutes and he is one of the nicest guys in music today. "Ups And Downsizing" is the only album I haven't really gotten into. Nick has a punk attitude and I think that shows in the quality of his music. I would love to be able to spin this on my turntable all summer and give the cd to a friend to blast in their car.

cswsitmustbeamy's picture

I would like to win because The Swellers have been a favourite band of mine for a long time now, and as an Australian fan have not had the pleasure of seeing them live yet. It also so happens that i will be out of the country when they finally come here for the soundwave revolution festival, which is devastating. I also cannot find their music anywhere around where i live and it would be great to have a physical copy of the album as opposed to the itunes music i already have! so yeah, pick me!

Spiderneil's picture

I would like to win because I deserve it. I've introduced a whole bunch of my chums to the swellers and therefore feel it would be repayment. Also the swellers are wicked good! On a serious note though, the swellers, and more specifically ups and downsizing, have been with me through the ups and the downs of the past year or so, so many thanks to them even if I don't win!

WaynesWorld28's picture

Well, I would love to win because The Swellers is one my favorite band since I've heard My Everest in 2007. It's my favorite album since then. I don't think I can put into words my love for them. they have helped me a lot through hard time. Ive never seen them live though because they have never been to my country. i still have hope though haha. well, thats it. :)

Roxy808's picture

I would love to win because The Swellers are awesome. I never win anything but it would be awesome if I did :D

natsmall's picture

I'd like to win this because I love myself some Swellers~. I have so much faith in this band, and whole heartedly believe they're the best band on FBR. They're hard working, no-nonsense (or a lot of nonsense) musicians with an ass load of talent. They're the perfect blend of punk, pop-punk, and peanut butter (huh? whatever, it began with "p"). But I suppose what I just said would explain why THEY should be winning their own merchandise, so why should I? Well... I'm pretty alright.

imightbreak's picture

I want to win because I'm like everyone else who is mesmerized by The Swellers. I want it just for the simple fact that The Swellers is something I can listen to all day, it's something that makes me happy, it's music that's there for me when I'm alone, and it's just apart of me by now. Who else would disagree? How cool would it to own a poster signed by The Swellers themselves? It's just gnarly thinking of how cool it'll look, hanging on your wall at night, sign by awesome people! :D And mostly, I blew my money on a Paramore t-shirt, and Underoath CD and ALL of my other CDs are scratched up and skip, hahaa. Winning the CD would be lovely thing, as well as the poster. :)