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An Update from Dan Young

Fueled By Ramen's picture
on June 5, 2011 - 2:29pm

from Dan Young of This Providence:

Well there's not too much to report from my dingy little home-studio in Seattle aside the inevitable, music and rain. I've been saturated in both. Well kind of, it's not like I take a seat on the lawn with my guitar in the downpour, it's just been raining far more than I approve of. Why do I live in Seattle if I hate the rain so much? Because I love everything else about it more, I suppose.

Recently I took my little sister to see Jimmy Eat World play a good hearty 1 1/2 hour set, drawing from their abundance of musical goodness. I love that band, it's amazing to me that Bleed American came out 10 years ago. That record is still, to this day, a major influence on me musically.

I left the show truly inspired. It wasn't flawless, but it was pretty damn close! That's one of the things I appreciate about them, they are real. They make mistakes however miniscule, few and far between. It's genuine. They don't buy into the bullshit. There's no ipod playing pre-recorded backing tracks to try and fill the gaps, it's just straight up rock and roll.

Now I'm not knocking bands that use tracks. For some genres of music, it's integral to the style and it wouldn't make sense without it. All I'm just saying that I LOVE when bands don't. When I go to a show, I'm not going to hear the CD again, I'm there to see how they pull it off live and to experience the songs in a whole new perspective. Often, lyrics that I have never noticed or understood will stand out and I'll finally understand the meaning, or maybe I'll find new meaning. Even better, sometimes if you're lucky, the artist will reveal parts of, or even the whole story behind the song.

Live music - it's a mystifying thing. And I believe in some ways a sacred thing. So if you're in a new band or starting a band, consider that oftentimes, less is more. A lot of fans expect the live show to sound exactly like the record, and you can bow to the popular trends if you want, but I think that's just dull.


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