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  • Click HERE to read an interview that Hayley Williams and Taylor York of Paramore did with! 

    " the time we got around to the point where we were going to start writing, we just really wanted to enjoy the process of making an album, really just enjoy the reality that we're in a band and our dreams have come true." - Hayley

  • Pick up the Fun. Some Nights Varsity Jacket in The Fueled By Ramen Webstore HERE!

  • The video for 'Holding On To You' by twenty | one | pilots is playing in Journeys stores across the U.S. Have you seen it yet? Which store were you in when you saw it?

  • Hey guys, 

    In this weeks installment of really late videos by Eric I give you a fun little update from us back in March 2012 from Santiago, Chile. One night we were all hanging out in the hotel room after dinner and got to talking about all of the fans that had been waiting outside our place since we arrived there. It humbled us to see them sitting out there for the good part of an entire day just to see us, maybe get a picture, and have a conversation with us. So we decided that to show our gratitude, along with The Ready Set, we would play them a song. It was a really unique moment for both of our bands and surely something Ill never forget. Its still such an inspiring feeling to know that we have such amazing, devoted fans all over the world like this. Thank you all.



  • It was announced today that Fun. will perform on Music's Biggest Night at the Grammys on Sunday, February 10th! Other performers include The Black Keys, Mumford & Sons, Rihanna and Taylor Swift. Make sure you tune in and read the official announcement on HERE!

  • The soundtrack to Girls is out now and the response so far has been amazing! Rolling Stone said, "the best moment might be pop-folk sister act Tegan and Sara's sweet, funny take on the Stones' "Fool to Cry."

    Listen to their cover above and click HERE to download the soundtrack now!

  • Congratulations to twenty | one | pilots who were named one of MTV's Artists To Watch in 2013! Click HERE to see who else MTV selected alongside them. 

  • posted an interview with Hayley Williams of Paramore. Click HERE to read the full interview about their 2013 album release.

    "This is the longest album we've ever recorded. I'm proud of that. To be honest, when we started writing it, even completing 5 songs seemed like an impossibility!" - Hayley

  • Greetings, fellow citizens of the internet.

    I’m coming at you from Columbus, Ohio (home of the first Wendy’s, Victoria’s SecretHeadquarters, Limited BrandHeadquarters, AbercrombieHomeOffice, and named in 2009 as’TheBestCity in theCountry toRaise aFamily’).

    Sorry, had to get that out first.

    Seems everywhere I go in the country, people are under the assumption that Tyler and I live in a city where cows roam through endless miles of corn husksand where all the adults wear bib overalls and spit chewing tobacco in mud streets. 

    Regardless of where this is being written, what’s more important is why it’s being written. Tomorrow is a day that my musical comrade and best friend Tyler have been excited about since, well, I guess since we decided we wanted to play music together.

    About 7 months

  • Listen to the new Fun. song 'Sight of the Sun' from the Girls Soundtrack available now on iTunes! Click HERE to download the album! You can also listen to the Michael Penn song 'On Your Way' on The Fueled By Ramen Youtube Channel. Click HERE to listen now!