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A Rocket To The Moon: Baby Blue Eyes (Acoustic)'s picture
on January 10, 2013 - 10:34am

Hey guys, 

In this weeks installment of really late videos by Eric I give you a fun little update from us back in March 2012 from Santiago, Chile. One night we were all hanging out in the hotel room after dinner and got to talking about all of the fans that had been waiting outside our place since we arrived there. It humbled us to see them sitting out there for the good part of an entire day just to see us, maybe get a picture, and have a conversation with us. So we decided that to show our gratitude, along with The Ready Set, we would play them a song. It was a really unique moment for both of our bands and surely something Ill never forget. Its still such an inspiring feeling to know that we have such amazing, devoted fans all over the world like this. Thank you all.



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