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A Note from Dan Young of This Providence

Fueled By Ramen's picture
on December 22, 2011 - 6:07pm

Hey beautiful (yes, I’m talking to you)!

Just wanted to write a quick blog saying thank you to everyone who is waiting it out with us. It’s taken us a long time to write this record, but I assure you, it’s going to be worth the wait. We’re sitting on about 30 songs now, 10-12 of which will make up our best record to date! I don’t plan on stopping the writing until we’re out of the studio. Hell, I plan on writing continuously, I’ve learned that the more I do it, the better the songs get. You’d think I’d run out of content… I haven’t yet! So until I do, it’s writing, writing, writing! Thinking about whipping up another acoustic Christmas song for you. Whatcha think? Have you heard this one I did in 2008?  

Again, thank you for sticking with us. This Prov has many years of life left in it, we’re still very much a band, and honestly I don’t think we’ve been more excited to make a record than we are now. Hang in there, and have a wonderful holiday!


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