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A Note from Anto Boros of The Swellers:'s picture
on March 14, 2012 - 2:17pm

So, if you’ve ever watched a Swellers Tour video on YouTube, you could probably pick up that we’re quite the big wrestling fans, and if by chance you follow our band on our Twitter or Facebook account, you’d know that on our last tour, which was a co-headline with our friends in You Me At Six, we were lucky enough to get guestlisted to a live taping of WWE’s Monday Night Raw on our day off. Needless to say, for a lot of us, that was a dream come true. Getting to see a live WWE event that was broadcasted all over the world, and getting to do so in the best seats of the house: 

ringside. It was an amazing night and we had one man to thank for that, CM Punk.

Well, after that experience, we finished off our tour with YMAS, and then played shows on the way home. We’ve been home for a few weeks now and I caught wind that the WWE had an event scheduled in Toronto. I was ecstatic. I got in touch with CM Punk again to see if there were any way i could potentially come out to the show. Lucky for me, CM Punk is one heck of a great dude and hooked me up for the event. We got there a bit before doors and when we were let in, we were seated yet again at ringside. It sure was phenomenal.

Before the show started, CM Punk took the time to meet up with me. I hooked him up with some Swellers swag and we had the opportunity to talk a bit about wrestling and about music. Specifically about how small the punk rock community seems to be in the sense that everyone seems to know everyone somehow and everyone looks out for everyone. It’s a beautiful thing, really. I got to hear about Lars Frederiksen supporting CM Punk ringside when Punk won his first Intercontinental Championship. Anyway, it was just really cool getting to shoot the shit. Punk had to get ready for the show, and I went back to my seat to get ready for the show. The show itself was great.

The card was stacked. A particularly great part of my night was getting to see Chris Jericho wrestle Kofi Kingston. It was a great match that began with Jericho coming out to the ring and just bashing the shit out of Toronto, saying how he’s embarrassed to be Canadian because of a city like Toronto. I loved every minute of it. He was hilarious. He ended up beating Kingston. We also got to see John Cena take on Kane in a last man standing match. There were tables involved which was fucking great. Kane threw Cena into a table which was just amazing, but in the end, Cena gave Kane an attitude adjustment threw another table. Seeing wrestlers go through tables in real life as opposed to seeing it on TV is so much cooler. Fun little fact: I got thrown through a table once. I bet it looked awesome. Unfortunately, that table wasn’t rectangular, it was one giant circle. It hurt like hell. But again, I bet it looked badass. I also bet that if there were hot bikini babes in the room that saw me go through it, they’d all want to date me.

The main event was CM Punk vs. Dolph Ziggler in a 2 out of 3 falls match, which was so fucking amazing because i thought they stopped doing those types of matches. They used to do them in the late 80’s and i believe the early 90’s. I was also excited for this match because i think CM Punk and Ziggler are the best wrestlers in the business right now so I knew it’d be good. I was 100% correct. It was an amazing match. The best part for me was  when Punk came over to our side of the ring and asked if we had any requests. I immediately shouted out for a russian leg sweep which was one of Bret Harts signature moves. Punk did not disappoint. He ended up nailing Ziggler with one.

Our entire section went crazy. When the match spilled out of the ring, we told Punk he should give Ziggler the sharpshooter. Not only did Punk slap on the sharpshooter, beforehand he set him up exactly the way Bret Hart would. Gave him another russian leg sweep, gave him an elbow off the second turnbuckle, then applied the sharpshooter. The crowd lost their minds. It was fucking epic. Eventually they ended up on the outside again. Punk was in control and grabbed Ziggler from behind pushing him towards me and told me to headbutt Ziggler straight in the chest. Without hesitation I did just that. I got such a huge pop from the crowd. Could be one of the coolest things i’ve done. I consider that my debut in the WWE.

Punk eventually took the match and remained the WWE Champion. The crowd went wild for him. He was at the top of his game and he had the entire audience captivated and cheering his name incredibly loud. CM Punk is such a great example of a dude that followed his dreams, worked his ass off, never gave up, and realized them. It was inspiring seeing how much all of his hard work and years of dedication payed off.


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