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from Nick Diener of The Swellers

Fueled By Ramen's picture
on October 20, 2011 - 4:16pm

from Nick Diener of The Swellers:

I had eaten at different Spike’s Junkyard Dogs locations around Boston and Rhode Island on almost every tour we did out that way, and it became a goal of mine to get my picture posted on the wall. One needed to eat 6 hot dogs in under 90 minutes to receive a Spike’s t-shirt and a place on the wall of fame. I decided I could definitely do more than 6.

As we pulled into our AP tour show at the House Of Blues in Boston, I made up my mind to eat a lot less, but expand my stomach by drinking a LOT of water. I drank a gallon pretty quickly a few hours before we played.. and I actually felt great, minus having to go to the bathroom every 10 minutes. From the stage, I told everyone in attendance about the feat I was going to attempt and invited them all to Spike’s. A few donated to the cause (it costs about 3 bucks per hot dog), and a few showed up to Spike’s after the show to cheer me on.

At the register, I ordered 6 plain Veggie Dogs to start (I’m vegan) and all of the rules were explained to me. No bathroom visits, no hurling, 6 hot dogs in 90 minutes. Then.. the worst thing imaginable happened.. they informed me they only had FOUR VEGGIE DOGS left in the entire store. I was crushed. But a quick-thinking employee said they could smash in veggie BURGER into two of the buns, making it a total of 6 dogs, and my quest for wall-of-fame stardom could begin. Only problem here was that the veggie burgers were much more dense than the dogs. I was up for the challenge, though.

I was given a few tips throughout the day on how to conquer this: eat as quickly as possible to avoid getting full too soon, dip the buns in water to reduce chewing time and energy, and try not to talk. When I received the 6 dogs, I had totally forgotten how HUGE these buns were. Pretty much each bun was a half a loaf of hard french bread. I now realized how imperative it would be to dip the bread in water to take it down, professional hot dog eater style. This looked and felt disgusting, but didn’t taste so bad! The no talking thing was a bit tough, as my friends kept laughing at me stuffing my face, and a Swellers fan walked into the store to come talk to me, unaware that I was in the middle of a massive eating feat. I did my best to be polite, but our tour manager Robert Cheeseman had to eventually tell him to scram, because it was evident by the look on my face that I was ready to hurl at any moment.

The amount of food didn’t seem to bother me as much as the wet bread piling up in my stomach, or the way the cups of water with bread crumb remnants in them looked, sloshing around after I was done dipping. I was doing okay until the 6th hot dog, and then I started feeling REALLY disgusted with myself. But I powered through it and took the last one down!

I got my awesome Spike’s Junkyard Dogs t-shirt, and instead of getting just me on the wall, I had the whole band’s picture taken. This was a pretty great experience, and the fact that they ran out of veggie dogs was probably a good thing.. but I’ll definitely NEVER do anything like this again. I enjoy food too much to wreck myself like that!


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