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from Jono Diener of The Swellers:

Fueled By Ramen's picture
on December 15, 2011 - 10:09am

Germany is a wild and wonderful place. There are some really confusing things about it, which is mainly translation related. We'll see band names on stickers posted in venues like "Dickfoot" and "Bent Cross" which is just the Bad Religion logo diagonal. It's hilarious. The architecture is beautiful and people here LOVE punk rock so it's great to play for everyone here.

Some things people from the states, specifically people not in bands, don't hear about are the infamous "German Compliments." A German compliment is a very nice thing someone will tell you followed by something extremely rude, honest and mean. They say what they want and you'll find out instantly. When we toured with Anti Flag a kid walked up to me and said, "I love your band... but your merch designs are ABSOLUTELY TERRIBLE. I'll take that shirt." Today Nick was told "Your guitar is.. how do I say... not good for the seeing..."

It's just part of the culture, and I respect these people for speaking their minds when us Americans would probably just say "good show" and leave. It definitely takes some getting used to, but it's part of the magic that is Germany. You actually feel like you're in a foreign country unlike so many places. The shows are killer and we're having an awesome time!


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