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From Jonathan Diener of The Swellers

Fueled By Ramen's picture
on May 24, 2011 - 12:22pm

Yesterday was our day off in Chicago, and I did what anyone else would do to relax... drive 5 hours with Polar Bear Club to Detroit to see Hot Water Music and Fireworks' CD release show!

Most of my friends from flint were at the show and had no idea I would be there. It was an awesome surprise. Seeing great bands with great friends.

One highlight was when I realized I was standing next to my friend Eric from the band Takeout that we used to play with all the time from 2002-2004. Our song "Skoots" is about the passing of their guitarist and I don't think I've seen Eric since Skoots' funeral. We caught up, he's done well, then we both sang our lungs out to Hot Water Music playing a killer set.

Another highlight was when my buddy Arun from Saves The Day (sorry, I dropped that name... gotta pick it up...) showed me some of their upcoming record. It's phenomenal. Be excited. 

Me/Polar Bear Club and Fireworks all went out to get pizza after the show, had good talks then called it a night. Now we're on our way to Covington, KY for our show. Now that's what I call a day off.

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