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  • Click HERE to check out Jono Diener of The Swellers being interviewed by William Beckett! The postcards above will be passed out at shows while the full interview is available for you to read online.

    "I think a few "Best I Ever Hads" relate to food because when you're on tour, that's usually a highlight. I eat mainly vegan food and the BBQ Mock Duck Po'Boy at The Triple Rock in Minneapolis is my favorite sandwich. Red Bamboo in NYC has my favorite vegan buffalo wings of all time, which may be my absolute favorite food as well. As regarding to "WHO" was the best I ever had, I'd probably say my Boston Terrier puppy, Delilah. She's the best. "

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  • The song 'Santa Baby' that VersaEmerge recorded for the Fueled By Ramen Holiday Sale will be available on iTunes December 20th!

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    December 15, 2011

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  • Germany is a wild and wonderful place. There are some really confusing things about it, which is mainly translation related. We'll see band names on stickers posted in venues like "Dickfoot" and "Bent Cross" which is just the Bad Religion logo diagonal. It's hilarious. The architecture is beautiful and people here LOVE punk rock so it's great to play for everyone here.

    Some things people from the states, specifically people not in bands, don't hear about are the infamous "German Compliments." A German compliment is a very nice thing someone will tell you followed by something extremely rude, honest and mean. They say what they want and you'll find out instantly.

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  • Thanks to your votes, Paramore's performance of 'Brick By Boring Brick' from our 15th Anniversary Concerts in New York City was named the #2 best MTV Live performance of 2011. Click HERE to see who else made the list!

  • Check out this video that Cobra Starship filmed with Keenan Cahill singing along to 'You Make Me Feel...'

  • The third issue of our 2011 Interview Series is out now! In this one, we paired up William Beckett with Jonathan Diener of The Swellers. Click HERE to check out William's answers to Jono's questions.

    "Seven years ago I made a premeditated decision to sign to FBR for the sole reason that one day, years from that point in time a band called The Swellers would be sharing a roster spot. That is my favorite part of being on FBR. My SECOND favorite part is that while this label, like all successful labels, is a business, it feels and functions more like a family. A family business, like Papa Johns… or The Kardashians."

    Look for members of The Fueled By Ramen Street Team passing out the postcards above with excerpts from the interviews!