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The Fueled By Ramen Intern IMPOSSIBLE Interview #2's picture
on November 7, 2012 - 11:07am

Subject: Thom Skarzynski, Marketing Manager
Interviewed By: Adam Walker, Marketing Intern

What is your most memorable musical moment? (Could be a band you played in, concert you attended, album you heard, etc.)
I have a few that each changed me and made me want to get into the music industry. The first one was definitely growing up and listening to the Beatles – the first time I heard “A Day In The Life” I remember getting chills and wanting to learn an instrument from there. My first concert – Our Lady Peace at the Birch Hill Concert Hall in New Jersey – I’ll never forget seeing a band’s live show for the first time and singing every word. And I still get amazed sometimes – hearing the crowd sing the words louder than Nate can at a fun. show, or seeing Twenty One Pilots own a 2500-capacity venue in Columbus, these are all things that have changed the way I view working with bands. I also can’t forget seeing Coldplay on their last tour with the wristbands that made the crowd part of the show…everything in music continues to evolve and create a better experience and I love taking it all in.

How did your path lead you to Fueled By Ramen?
In high school I had a horribly amatuer website in which I interviewed bands and labels and did album reviews. One of my first interviews was John Janick – founder of Fueled By Ramen. I was 15 and he treated me like an equal – it was an experience I’ll never forget. From there, every time I saw him (Skate and Surf, Warped Tour, wherever) he always remembered me and would go out of his way to make me feel comfortable. As I got older I did a ton of internships, my last being at Atlantic where John had an office – and he still remembered me and would always make conversation when we passed each other. I have so much respect for John and the label he built. I finally landed a job working at Roadrunner Records, and when it was time for me to move on John was the first person I contacted. Sure enough, I ended up getting to work at Fueled By Ramen. I still can’t believe it.

What else do you enjoy, outside of Marketing at FBR? Do you have other goals or dreams in your life?
I love running and exercising in the mornings - that’s something I wouldn’t trade in for the world. It gets my day started and my mind working – it’s where I’m able to really focus in on what my day will be like and brainstorm ideas for some of our projects. I also love being outdoors and spending time getting to know people. I love reading – not just books, but magazines, websites, everything. I’m a big redditor and every day and I spend the entire hour train ride to work reading the TodayILearned section just to gain some more random knowledge. My biggest goals in life have to do with work – mostly because this is where I love spending my time. Everybody we work with is amazing and some of my best friends are here. I want to help FBR stay great – when I was growing up, this was a label I worshipped…and I want that feeling to continue for the next generation.

What or who inspires you on a daily basis?
That’s a good one. Definitely my co-workers and the other people that come into my life – I love seeing how Katie and Adam work, as well as Dan / Tim / Erick / Amy, even people in other departments around the building. John Janick was such a great inspiration to be around and he continues to be one – just by the way he treats every person he comes in contact with. I also can’t forget Mike Easterlin – the person who gave me my start in this industry at Roadrunner and is now GM of Fueled By Ramen. I learned everything from working for him and I couldn’t be luckier to have him here to continue guiding me.

Who’s your celebrity crush, Thom?
I’m a big Mila Kunis fan like everybody else in the world. But if my girlfriend asks…actually, still the same answer. She’s very aware of where she stands when it comes to my girl Mila.

You can read more about Thom in his label bio HERE. Plus see more of our IMPOSSIBLE Project photos HERE.

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