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Cobra Starship '#1Nite' Contest:'s picture
on June 25, 2012 - 4:50pm

Gather round we have a story to tell, but we need your help!

We want to create the craziest, most random #1Nite story, but we have a massive case of writers block. All we have so far is “So this #1Nite…”

Help us write the rest of it! There are two ways to get in on the action:

1. Tweet @CobraStarship finishing the sentence: “So this #1Nite…” (you must include #1Nite in your tweet)
2. Reblog the post HERE and add your sentence (max 200 characters).

Each morning, we’ll pick our favorite sentence and add it to the ongoing story. If we pick your entry, you’ll be entered to win the grand prize! What is the grand prize? Well, not only will you win a Cobra shirt of your choice from our webstore, BUT you’ll also get your very own copy of the story signed by us! That’s right, at the end of contest, we’ll turn the ultimate #1Nite story into an actual book with illustrations and everything! Get creative Cobras, let’s make this #1Nite a story we’ll never forget!

Also, you can download #1Nite on iTunes and watch the music video here!

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