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News - paramore

  • Check out The Fueled By Ramen Webstore to see brand new Halloween themed items from Paramore. We have a Hayley Williams 'Wig,' Halloween colored water bottles and a new t-shirt design created by CharlaVail

    In addition to the new items, you can get 10% off Halloween themed designs in the webstore through October 10th! Shop HERE!

  • Congratulations to Jeremy from Paramore and his wife Kathryn on their marriage today! We love you guys!

    - the entire Fueled By Ramen family

  • Happy Anniversary to Paramore's album brand new eyes! In honor of this special day we have a new Paramore t-shirt available in The Fueled By Ramen Webstore. Check out the 'Cramming' shirt based off the lyrics from the song 'Playing God.'

    You say that I been changing
    that I'm not just simply aging
    Yeah, how could that be logical?
    Just keep on cramming ideas down my throat

  • Two new Paramore designs are available at select Hot Topic stores. The 'Dead Flowers' shirt features a black and white photo of flowers in a vase. The 'Drowning' shirt features three hands reaching out of the water and the lyrics "we started drowning, not like we sink any further. I let my heart go, it's somewhere down at the bottom." The band name is printed at the top of both designs.

    Both shirts are available now at the following Hot Topic Stores:

    Antelope Valley Mall (CA)
    Columbia Shopping Ctr (WA)
    Emerald Square (MA)
    Montgomery Mall (PA)
    Dayton Mall (OH)
    Charleston Town Ctr (WV)
    Carousel Mall (NY)
    Mall in Columbia (MD)
    Louis Joliet Mall (IL)
    Bangor Mall (ME)
    Los Cerritos Center (CA)
    Jefferson Mall (KY)
    Sunrise Mall (NY)
    Ridgmar Mall (TX)
    Park City Center (PA)
    Southern Hills Mall

  • Paper Magazine has posted another entry in Hayley Williams' tour diary! Click HERE to check out Hayley's entry from Singapore along with a gallery of photos from Paramore's time there.

    "We came here a year and a half ago and played to an amazing crowd of people. And I'm starting to think that that crowd is partly responsible for the fact that we were able to come back to this side of the world so quickly... and even play in new places like Hong Kong, Bali, and Jakarta. So with that being said, thank you very much Singapore!"

  • Paramore's 'The Only Exception' wristband package is available now in The Fueled By Ramen Webstore. This item was previously available exclusively at Hot Topic. 

  • Porter's Call is auctioning Taylor York's Fender '72 Reissue Thinline Telecaster now on eBay. Click HERE to see the details on the guitar and place a bid on it.

    Porter's Call is a Franklin, Tennessee organization that offers free counsel, support and encouragement to recording artists and their families. Please visit for more information on their work.

  • Congratulations Paramore Fans! You have been nominated for an MTV EMA for being the biggest fans! Voting is open now through November 4th. Click HERE to make your clicks heard. Then find out who you and your fellow fans have selected as the winners when the EMAs air LIVE on November 6th.

  • Now you can watch the Cleveland episode of PNN: From The Field on The Fueled By Ramen YouTube Channel. Sick of Sarah, Ethan Luck of Relient K and Hayley's Granny all appear in this star studded episode of From The Field.

  • Last night I got to sing with one of my good friends, THE miss Taylor Swift. 

    My respect and admiration for her as an artist just shot through the roof while I was watching her go through 2hr set. Her voice sounded incredible, she played like a million different instruments, and she told great stories. That is easily my favorite thing about Taylor. Her storytelling. If you haven’t seen her show or never bought one of her albums, you’re seriously missing out. Of all the friends I have who play/write music, I’ve never seen anybody do it all with as much heart and grace as Taylor does. 

    If you were at the show last night, thanks for singing along to “That’s What You Get”. Ya’ll made me feel very welcome!