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  • It is the 1st Fueled By Ramen Friday Contest of 2013! To start off the new year we are giving away an A Rocket To The Moon bundle including the Navajo t-shirt, Greetings From... EP, On Your Side CD and That Old Feeling EP. 

    To win this prize package email with your name and mailing address and send us a link to your reblog of this post!

  • Subject: Amy Zaglauer, Merchandise Product Manager
    Interviewed by Amber Baumer, Marketing Intern

    What first inspired you to work in the music industry?
    My inspiration for working in the music industry goes back to when I was in high school and going to shows all the time. I lived for pop punk and went to shows wanting to buy merch, but often left empty handed because the girls shirts were printed on wide Hanes tees that were thick and didn't fit right. The guys designs were often ugly and also printed on thick blanks that I didn't want to wear. I decided I wanted to go into music merchandise to make apparel that people wanted to wear.

    How did you get to your position as Merchandise Product Manager of Fueled By Ramen?
    I started interning at the Fueled By Ramen office in Tampa in 2005. A job

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  • Paramore and The Black Keys top MTV's list of their 2013 Most Anticipated Rock Albums. Click HERE to see what they had to say about the upcoming release and to see who else made the list. What band is at the top of your 2013 most anticipated albums list?

  • Click HERE to pick up tickets to see twenty | one | pilots on their trip for concerts_winter 2013 tour with New Politics.

  • What a year it has been. So many good times and lifelong memories. A lot of them are with you. The fans. One of the greatest gifts i have ever received is the opportunity to go out and play music for you and meeting all of you and hearing your stories. its very inspiring to know that we are all so much a like yet so unique. Y'all really do inspire me to be the best artist i can be. So for that , thank you.

    On friday i leave to El paso , Texas to finish recording my solo debut record. I am fuckin puped to go back to Sonic Ranch.

    This is where we did ' Yours truly ' two years ago . I plan on capturing some of the same energy and vibes this time around but for my album .

    Lot of new things happening for me both as an artist and and as a songwriter so stay close.

  • Click HERE to read the latest blog entry from Hayley Williams on the Paramore Tumblr.

  • Here's a photo of Sublime With Rome at a soundcheck in Boston. Click HERE to see more photos from the band.

  • MTV has named twenty | one | pilots as one of the Artists To Watch in 2013. In celebration they will be playing in New York City on January 16th at Highline Ballroom. Click HERE to purchase tickets now!

    The new album Vessel will be released next week - order your copy now HERE!

  • We're very excited to release the soundtrack to the HBO series Girls in just one week. Volume 1 features exclusive new songs from Santigold, Grouplove and Fun. The Deluxe Digital Edition also features new music from Michael Penn and Tegan And Sara. Click HERE to preorder the album now!

    Here's what the show's creator and star, Lena Dunham, had to say about the soundtrack:

    "Music supervisor Manish Raval and I are crazy about everything from the pop that teen girls devour to the niche indie rock from days of yore. To collaborate with Fueled By Ramen and so many artists who inspire me on this compilation is a dream."