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  • This Friday, Young the Giant will release their track 'Mirrorball' digitally!
    Young The Giant: Releasing 'Mirrorball' On Friday!
  • We're wishing a very Happy Birthday to Eric from Young The Giant today!
    Happy Birthday To Eric From Young The Giant!
  • Watch Young the Giant's new In The Open for their track 'Elsewhere' now in the video below!Catch the band on their Home of the Strange Tour this summer starting next month. Get dates and tickets HERE.
    Young The Giant: Elsewhere (In The Open)
  • Tonight’s featured track is ‘Art Exhibit’ from Young The Giant’s latest album Home of the Strange!Cause I'm on my back, on my back againWords we had to describe the same feelingNow without a meaningCause I'm on my back, on my back againLooking at a hole in the ceilingCatch Young The Giant on their Home of the Strange Tour this summer...
    Sunday Night Music Club: Young The Giant
  • Watch Young The Giant’s performance of ‘Titus Was Born’ from the In The Open series now in the video above! 
    Young The Giant: Titus Was Born (In The Open)
  • Young The Giant are performing at this year’s Outside Lands Music Festival in San Francisco this August! Get tickets today at 10am PST HERE!
    Young The Giant At Outside Lands!