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News - This Providence

  • See what happens when This Providence switch instruments while writing for their new album in San Diego. I personally think they sound WAY better with David Blaise on drums.

  • from Dan Young of This Providence:

    Recently we spent 10 days at a friends place in San Diego writing new music, it was grand. Getting away from all the distractions at home was just what we needed. Not only did we get more done than anticipated, we also had a splendid time! We consider ourselves fortunate to be in a band with 3 other people we love. It's something you dream about as a kid who wants to be in a band, making music with your best friends. That way it feels like you're just hanging out, having a good time. It doesn't feel much like a job, it's more like a professional hobby.

    It might be obvious, but I still think it's worth saying, playing music should be fun! It's rarely easy, but always rewarding...provided you keep the right attitude.

  • We've been working day and night in San Diego on ton of new material for the album. Make sure to stay connected with us on our twitter and tumbler accounts as we work on it. and of course, you can check the FBR website and blog for updates as well!


    p.s how good do we look with joaquin phoenix beards?!

  • Join This Providence for a live video chat tonight at 8pm EST on! The band is currently in San Diego working on their new album.

  • Hey everyone. What’s going on? I’ve been working hard recently, and by that I mean, working hard on my work ethic. In a moment of inspiration, a few months earlier, I mentioned in a blog that I had fallen head-over-heels for the morning calm. And while I still feel that way, another side of me relishes in staying up late watching TV on Hulu. It’s a battle, but I’m learning how to be a grown up...slowly...sort-of.

    Aside from tackling my sleeping habits, I’ve also been developing a deeper understanding for the craft of song-writing. Currently I am working on songs for the next record which will be our 4th full-length and I still feel like such an amateur. This time round I’m learning just how much work it really takes to write a song. A good song, that is.

  • Buy any This Providence merch at from now until February 13th and you might get a Valentine's Day e-card from the band!

  • Just got home from Seattle. Made it through the turbulence but barely survived the snoring. We were lucky enough to play with the Presidents of the United States of America last night at WSU. Instantly I was taken back to my 8 year old self when "peaches" came on. it was great seeing all the guys and playing together again, but the excitement was short lived. It was also our touring guitarists last show with us. Jake will be leaving to pursue other things and continue being a hot nerd.

    On a lighter side, we are continuing to write for the new record and planning a little retreat to finish up all the ideas before we hit the studio. This thing is shaping up to be something reaaall nice!


    photo by Sean Berry

  • Dan and David from This Providence give you an update from Los Angeles as they work on writing their new album. Visit for more from the band!

  • Dan and Gavin from This Providence will be playing a live acoustic set on next Wednesday night. A limited number of tickets to this live online broadcast are available now for $8.