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News - The Swellers

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    July 05, 2011


    Nick from The Swellers with Andrew from Fun. waiting for the fireworks on the beach in Frankfurt, Michigan last night.

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    Stop by Yowie tonight at 8pm EST for a live video chat with Nick and Jono from The Swellers! They'll be answering your questions about their new album Good For Me and their upcoming tour plans!

    Yowie is an awesome site that allows you to connect live with the band and ask them your questions from your webcam - you'll be able to see them and they'll be able to see you!

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    from Jono Diener of The Swellers:

    Recently while I was on the Take Action Tour I got one of the coolest calls ever from my girlfriend, Kate. She told me she was on the way to pick up a puppy right now! I flipped out and jumped with joy. I’m not sure if you’re familiar with me interests, but one of them is DOGS. I’ve grown up with a dog in my house my whole life but never had the chance to be an actual, “Dog Dad”.

    I would get pictures of the beautiful Boston Terrier puppy she named Delilah for a month until we played Pontiac, MI and I was able to head to her house overnight to finally meet her. She was even smaller than I imagined and couldn’t stop shaking because I came into the room at 1:00am.

  • The Swellers: 10 Reasons To Get Good For Me

    Anto from The Swellers shares with you the top ten reasons to get their new album Good For Me! Once you're thoroughly convinced, visit to get the album

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    Fueled By Ramen would like to wish a very happy birthday to Jono from The Swellers! Be sure to pick up a copy of their new album Good For Me and go see them this summer on their co-headline tour with Fake Problems!

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    June 21, 2011

    The Swellers went about the bonus material on our album “Good For Me” a little differently than we expected. We could have just added some unused songs (we’re saving those for later), but we decided that we should record acoustic versions of two of the songs on the album. We had ZERO time at home or in the studio to make this happen, so we recorded it while on the Take Action tour in about six different locations all over the country.

    First off, I’ll introduce you to Bryan Beeler, our tour manager/recording engineer/guitar tech extraordinaire. You may know him from being the best looking/most talented guy in the band Cinematic Sunrise and making all sorts of records for artists out of his studio in Northville, MI. Beeler was my partner in crime for making these songs happen.


  • The reviews for The Swellers' new album Good For Me have started to come in so we wanted to share some of our favorites with you. We're so excited to see how much everyone seems to love the new album. Do you have a review of it? Click HERE to post it on iTunes for everyone to see!

    Property Of Zack
    "Every track is a potential hit single, whilst maintaining complete integrity."

    Review Rinse Repeat
    "Fans will hear a band maturing and really finding their stride, while still staying true to their roots."

    Behind The Hype
    "It’s been a great year so far for pop punk revivals, and The Swellers may have released the best of the bunch."
    "Good For Me is a delicious slice of rock and roll that's big on nostalgia, ranging from aggressive alt-rock numbers to breezy pop-punk anthems."

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    If you're in the Detroit area, stop by UHF Music tonight at 6pm to hang out with The Swellers. They'll be playing an acoustic set and signing copies of their new album Good For Me that was released earlier this week. Check all the details in the flier above!

    Can't make it out to UHF Music? Click HERE to download their new album on iTunes! It won't be signed by the guys but, it'll sound just as good.

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    The Swellers' new album Good For Me is out now! Click HERE to download the Deluxe Edition on iTunes. If you like it, be sure to "Like" the album on there and post a review. If you really like it, please send a link to your friends on Twitter or Facebook to let them know about the new album. You can use to send everyone to check out the album!

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    To celebrate the release of their new album Good For Me, The Swellers are playing a pair of shows this weekend in Pontiac, Michigan. The two shows will feature different setlists and different opening bands, but you'll be able to get the new album for only $5 at both of them.

    Look for Good For Me in stores everywhere tomorrow and be sure to check out their two shows if you're in the area!