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News - The Swellers

  • The Swellers new video for 'The Best I Ever Had' is now on YouTube! Watch it HERE! Don't forget to preorder the new album Good For Me at

  • The Deluxe Edition of The Swellers' new album Good For Me is now available for preorder on iTunes! It includes the full album plus two acoustic bonus tracks and the video for 'The Best I Ever Had.'

    Click HERE to preorder it now!

  • Yesterday was our day off in Chicago, and I did what anyone else would do to relax... drive 5 hours with Polar Bear Club to Detroit to see Hot Water Music and Fireworks' CD release show!

    Most of my friends from flint were at the show and had no idea I would be there. It was an awesome surprise. Seeing great bands with great friends.

    One highlight was when I realized I was standing next to my friend Eric from the band Takeout that we used to play with all the time from 2002-2004. Our song "Skoots" is about the passing of their guitarist and I don't think I've seen Eric since Skoots' funeral. We caught up, he's done well, then we both sang our lungs out to Hot Water Music playing a killer set.

    Another highlight was when my buddy Arun from Saves The Day (sorry, I dropped that name... gotta

  • With the upcoming release of our album Good For Me, I decided I want to spice up my drum kit with a new special custom kick drum head!

    The guys at SJC Drums took some of the artwork from our album and made it into a badass musical piece of art. If you’re going to the rest of the shows on the Take Action Tour you’ll see this killer setup!


  • Today we had a day off and wanted to do something awesome in Boise, Idaho. Well, it turned into a 10 hour drive which took all day so we didn't have much time to really hang out.

    So what did we do? What any American would do. Eat at Red Robin then go to Wal Mart and buy matching American flag t-shirts.

    We'll be wearing these shirts at LEAST at our Salt Lake City show. Can't wait to show how much we love our country. Even though a dude from England and Canadian are with us...

    Pre-Order our new record at


  • Here is part 2 of The Swellers recording their new album Good For Me at The Blasting Room in Ft. Collins, Colorado with Bill Stevenson and Jason Livermore. Visit now to preorder your copy of the album!

  • The second video from The Take Action Tour with The Swellers, Silverstein, Bayside, Polar Bear Club and Texas In July is up now on Alt Press. Take a look behind the scenes of the tour and see how the bands are working with Sex, Etc. to improve teen sexual health information and resources across the country. Visit for all the dates!

  • We had a last minute show in Albuquerque, New Mexico that our friend Jake Lang was putting on that was coming up pretty soon. Some of the other bands on the tour were playing El Paso, TX together and we figured we'd be loners for the day. The night before the Bayside guys told us their bus was en route to Albuquerque for their day off... a mile from where we were playing. Jokingly we talked about playing together, then they came up with the idea of playing a punk rock cover set to open our show!

    The funniest part was letting the rumor spread about that a NOFX cover set from Bayside was happening at The Swellers show. Of course word of mouth becomes a game of telephone and once we got to the venue there was a line of people.

  • from Jonathan Diener of The Swellers:

    Wednesday was a pretty incredible day for us. On our drive to San Diego we stopped by the Macbeth Headquarters to get a tour of the building, meet the people who worked there and get some brand new kicks.

    We were having a great time trying on our shoes and talking shop with Jimmy, the delightful guy who was hooking us up... then we heard some music in the studio nearby and the door opened. Tom Delonge from Blink 182 was sitting on the couch and we were stoked. We had no idea he would be there and we all got to hang out with him for a bit, talk about Descendents, music and a few fart jokes here and there. The dude still had it, and he was nice as hell.

    After meeting Tom, getting shoes and being generally excited in life, we headed to Soma in San Diego

  • Now when you preorder The Swellers Good For Me album not only will you receive an instant download of 'The Best I Ever Had' but you will also receive an original drawing from the band. Here is an example of what your drawing may look like. No two drawings will be the same and each will be signed by the band. If you have already preordered the album then this drawing has already been added to your order.

    You can place your order now in The Fueled By Ramen Webstore!