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  • ?The $5 Friday deal today is The Cab's 'Skelanimals' T-Shirt. Pick it up for $5 in The Fueled By Ramen Webstore! This offer is valid until 11:59pm EST while supplies last.
    $5 Friday 'Skelanimals' T-Shirt
  • Here's an interview that Marshall and Singer from The Cab did with Keltie Colleen for Buzznet using only one-word answers (for the most part). Check for more from the band as they work on their new album. 
    One Word Interview
  • Dear Whisper Warriors and Symphony Soldiers...We would like to say thank you one more time for everything you guys did for us to promote our recent "Cab Day 2011". Thank you to the kids who waited outside overnight to be first in line for our shows. Thank you for singing along to every word (even unreleased songs!) at the tops of your lungs. Thank...
    from Johnson, Marshall and Singer of The Cab
  • The day before their show in Pomona where they'll be playing Whisper War from front to back, The Cab will be playing a special private acoustic show in their hometown of Las Vegas. Our friends at Red Bull Las Vegas are putting on the show and have your tickets to get in House Of Blues for the show. Click HERE to follow them on Twitter...
    Private Show in Las Vegas with The Cab
  • We'd like to wish a very happy birthday to Alex DeLeon of The Cab - hope it's a great one! Send him a note on Twitter to wish him a happy 22nd birthday, too!
    Happy Birthday, Singer!
  • This week our featured $5 Friday item is the 'Circle' shirt from The Cab. The offer is valid until 11:59pm EST today in The Fueled By Ramen Webstore!
    $5 Friday: The Cab