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News - Paramore

  • The Paramore 'Concrete Trio' T-Shirt is available now at Hot Topic Stores and on Click HERE to find a store close to you!

  • Hayley from Paramore wrote a diary from The Warped Tour for Paper Magazine. Click HERE to read it!

    The six shows we played on the Warped Tour this summer were happily welcome by my near insanity and healthier-than-usual vocal cords. It was to be my summer mini-vacation; like Gulf Shores for the weekend with my family when I was a little girl. The only reason I can say this about Warped now, is because six years ago when we first took on the Warped Tour, we traveled in a 12-passenger van, set up our tent at 7 a.m., wrote out flyers and only ate PB&J's. It was hard, sweaty work and it always paid off when more than a handful of people would come to watch us play in the folded out side of a pink box-truck.

  • Hayley from Paramore is here with the final 'How To' video for our Back To School Sale. If you're planning on taking any trips this school year, here are some tips in how to get packed as quickly as possible. 

    Thank you for checking out all of our 'How To' videos this year and making our big sale such a success! It only lasts one more day so be sure to check it out now!

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    August 13, 2011

    Jeremy from Paramore is here with a cool party trick that will definitely impress any girl. Make sure you learn how to do it before you head back to school.

    Check out later today for a video from Hayley Williams!

  • Only a few days left of the Fueled By Ramen Back To School Sale, but don't worry their are still plenty of new items and great discounts on items like the Paramore items featured here. 

    Today we have a video from Jeremy of Paramore where he demonstrates a pretty cool trick that you can use to impress a girl. Check out the video HERE!

    CONTEST: Win a Paramore Make Up Case with a few secret Paramore items inside! Just comment on the photo HERE and tell us what you would keep in this carrying case if you had it. WINNER: Congratulations Vicky Nguyen!

  • Paramore check in from their second date on The Vans Warped Tour in Mississauga, Ontario. Hayley has the weather forecast, Jeremy has an update from the Yankees vs. Blue Jays game and the whole band answers on of your questions in 'Ask Paramore' in this new episode!

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    August 08, 2011

    Congratulations to Paramore for winning two Teen Choice Awards last night and thank you to everyone who voted for them! They were named Choice Rock Group and their new single 'Monster' was chosen as Choice Rock Track!

  • Tune in to PNN to see Paramore check in from their first date on The Vans Warped Tour in Scranton, Pennsylvania. Visit for more!

    footage by Lindsey Byrnes

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    August 02, 2011

    The final photos we'll be sharing from Lindsey Byrnes' photoshoot with Paramore have now been posted! Click HERE to see the full gallery photos and 'Like' your favorite shots! Keep an eye out for more of Lindsey's photos (and videos) popping up soon!

  • Paramore's new 'Ice Cream' shirt was such a hit on Warped Tour, we had to make it available in the webstore, too (all your Tweets and emails didn't hurt either).

    It was designed by our good friend Charlavail and features ice cream versions of Jeremy, Hayley and Taylor. Click HERE to preorder it now!