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from Andy Horst of This Providence

Fueled By Ramen's picture
on September 1, 2011 - 4:46pm

from Andy Horst of This Providence:

Hot dang I've been busy. Life is crazy my friends... you should try writing a record, working full time, planning a wedding, being a part of your sibling's wedding, moving, juggling, milking sixteen cows at once, walking a tight rope backwards blind folded above a den of lions, baking 600 oatmeal raisin cookies for your 600 favorite fans, climbing Mt. Everest with no gear, doing one million backflips, making Josh Terry happy, firing Dennis the intern for not sending me a hundred dollars, doing more backflips, saving 100 baby seals from death and destruction, planting my own rainforest in an attempt to save the others that have been destroyed, wrestling Hulk Hogan and winning the title of Champion, and building my own custom typewriter from toothpicks and melted aluminum. You'd be surprised how exhausting it is.

Anyways, I took a night off and spent it on Lopez Island up in the San Juan Islands a couple weekends ago. It was a blissful couple of afternoons there and I hope to visit again soon. It was really one of the most beautiful places I've ever been. Bald eagles flying overhead. And there was even a wild orca whale that breached near the Ferry! This photo was from the ferry ride over shot on an old roll of expired film.. I can't wait for my next break!!


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