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from Andrew Cook of A Rocket To The Moon:

Fueled By Ramen's picture
on January 17, 2012 - 10:46am

Hey everyone-

Time for my Snoop Bloggy Blog; studio edition. If you follow our band in any capacity, you're probably aware by now that we are in Nashville making a new record. So far, it's been great. Mark and everyone at Starstruck studios has been incredible, hospitable, and inspirational. I just finished my drum tracks, which were a real treat to track with the team we have working on this record. I was even able to borrow some snare drum options from Mike Marsh, a good friend and fantastic drummer who lives here in Nashville. Justin, Halvo and I have been making friends around town, including the legendary Earl Bud Lee (google him!) who we met last night after watching the Giants upset the Packers.

Another bonus of recording here is that we get to see our main man(ager) Josh "King Curtis" Terry on the reg. We even got to spend the first week with the mythical Johnny Minardi. As you know if you follow us on twitter, instagram, etc, we've been having a blast. Here are some moments captures in time that hopefully convey the awesome nature of this experience. Thank you all for continuing to support us so that we are able to make records like this, and thank you for being patient in waiting for this new album. We all believe in it and know that it will be worth the wait!

Here goes nothing'.

Blurry grocery shopping, night 1.

Josh "chicken nuggets is like my family" Terry.

The boys doing some tracking!

The "Cribs" fridge at the studio.

The man, the myth, the legend- Mark Bright.

Snare drum options!

Vater, represent!

The view from Reba's suite at the Predators game. Super fun night!

Until next time, take care of each other, and spread some love.


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