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  • April 07, 2016

    If you want to dedicate you promotional time in the morning to Fueled By Ramen and Roadrunner at Warped Tour: CLICK HERE

    Some important points:
    - Know that we will not have a booth, but something super fun. It’s going to be an area where you can have a ton of fun and we’ll be blasting music from both labels.
    - Know that you have to show up by 9am and we will get you in with a vendor pass. We’ll send you information about who to contact.
    - You will have to hang up posters in the morning before doors open and you will have to pass out promo at our area throughout the day. But you can also go watch the bands that you want to.
    - Know that this sign up is for you only. If your friends want to help, they can sign up themselves. No plus 1s.
    - We will need good cell phone photos from you of the promotion that you do, of our area, and people holding up our promo that you give out.

    More information will be sent. We can only get 4 people total in for each date and more consideration will be given to teamers that we know and are pros.

    Any questions? Email with "Vans Warped Tour" in the subject line. Again, to sign up to help, CLICK HERE

    Fueled By Ramen

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