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About Me: 
Ello. Ello. I am Jess. I am a HUGE Panic! at the Disco and Paramore fan. Music is my life, crack, and all that other good stuff. Brendon Uriel is my freaking IDOL I love that guy so much. He's just so... Brendon. XD that made sends. I love anime. It makes me happy XD as you can see, I'm kinda blunt with some things, but don't let that get to ya. :) I am...bored with this, so, yeah...
Favorite Bands: 
Panic! at the Disco. Paramore. The Fray. The Script. Radiohead. Smashing Pumpkins. Fall Out Boy. VersaEmerge. And a lot more that I'm too lazy to list ^-^
United States
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Don't have a twitter, sorry to dissapoint. u.u...^_^
Favorite Concerts: 
Paramore live in Chicago. Panic! at the Disco live in Milwaukee ... he took off his clothes, man.