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Robin Theresa Olmsted


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Robin Theresa Olmsted
About Me: 
Hmmmm......where do I start? Well, I'm a fourteen year-old from a small town in Illinois with blue eyes and red hair- not that that even matters. I'm the singer of an aspiring band called Revanue ( and also love art and photography. Music is my life, and that is a complete understatement. I'm a sarcastic, hyper flame who's addicted to concerts (been to NINE :3 ) and would love to chat! Hit me up at if you want to talk. and check out REVANUE on Facebook!
Singing, Trumpet, Drawing, Painting, Photographing and editing photos, Going to concerts, Playing Concerts
Favorite Bands: 
Paramore, Versaemerge, Panic! at the Disco, Those Dancing Days, Cage the Elephant, Band of Horses, Destroy Rebuild Until God Shows, Florence + the Machine
United States
Robin Olmsted
Favorite Concerts: 
4 Paramore, 2 Versaemerge, 1 Panic! at the Disco, 1 Patrick Stump Solo


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