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Rob Sandera the Wildman


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Rob Sandera the Wildman
About Me: 
I grew up in Detroit some of my friends played for Ted Nugent and Some of them manages Waylon Jennings. I’m a hard rocker of the Ozzy era but because I’m getting older etc and making my break more into a Wild Country Rock scene that I’m sort of creating and reinventing myself. I like many or the Fueled by Raman bands like Paramore, VersaEmerge, and Streetlight Manifesto. I like people that are themselves and their own style and different and I see allot of that here. I been at guitar like 37 years and play synth, harmonica, and attempt to sing LOL! Main Hometown Detroit
Pennsyvania, Ohio, Michigan
Guitar, Drag Boating, Radio Control stuff. Recording, Running for President to whoop somebodys Ass LOL!
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VersaEmerge, Paramore, Streetlight Manefesto, Toby Keith, Country Rock, Ozzy, Deep Purple
United States
Rob Sandera
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Toby Keith, Heart