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My name is Victor and I'm from Brazil. Paramore is the BEST BAND EVER and I'm a big fan of them. They are the reasons that I'm in here today. There were some moments in my life that I tought I coudn't move on and nobody was with me and they helped me! So thank you Paramore. You are my life. Now talking more about me - I like books ( Twilight saga, Narnia, Marley & Me, a thousand of others...) , music (Paramore - duh!, Half Lore, 30 seconds, Green Day, Fresno, .......) and other stuff that nobody gives a shit. Oh, some people ask why I always put my nicknames PipocaGold - My middle name is "Millioli" and one of my teatchers started of calling me Pipoca and every one too, why? Millioli = Milho + Ólho = Pipoca (Millioli = Corn + Oil = Popcorn - "milho" is corn in portugeuse and "ólho" is oil) so that's why people calls me Pipoca, and the Gold part? They also do it with my sister and I'm gold because I born first. - no much logic but she accepted it. :D So That's it! WE_ARE_PARAMORE!
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