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I am what you would call weird. talkitive, loud, in your face. I love to play cards. I really dont care what people say or think. i LOVE(!) paramore! i love nerds cuz i am 1! i have a lot of crazy stories up my sleeve that would make evryone laugh =) i love to eat but luckly im not fat, i just need a lot of energy to fuel my personality! i still love spongebob but boyfriend is valdamir tod from those vampire books (ive never read any of them its just an inside joke 4 tessa lolpmp). if u dont no what lolpmp means its something i made up. i hate lol so i made it lolpmp=laught out loud pee my pants!!!! well thats it
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VersaEmerge, Paramore, Fall Out Boy, Panic at the Disco
United States
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April 29, 2009- Fall Out Boy concert! July 27, 2010- Paramore concert! April 14, 2011- VE concert!(coming soon)


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