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Hey I'm Katelyn. I guess you can say that I am a band geek I play the flute and music is my life. Music is the reason why I am who I am, I feel like music and art speak to the soul and make you feel emotion, music is the one thing that will always be there for me and will be the one ething I will always love. A Rocket to the Moon has such a unique sound to me. The music ARTTM makes is so calming and its always one of the go to bands I listen to in my car, or on my i-pod every day. Other bands that I love are There for Tomorrow, The Maine, Valencia, Never Shout Never, All Time Low, VersaEmerge, The Summerset, Taking Back Sunday, and many more. I also like Taylor Swift of course haha. Feel free to follow me on twitter and if you actually read this thanks haha. The last thing I want to say is that I live by one thing. I believe in myself and even when I'm down I smile because you never know your smile might brighten someones day so just remember Believe in your self and smile :)
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