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JESS4SHOW Just Looking at me = Ok Yeah Shes got the hair covering the eye the band shirl i never herd of skinny jeans and converse yeah shes emo BUT WAIT next day shes hanging out with a blonde girl and there both wearing softball shirts and laughing but shes suppose to be cutting herselft crying NOT PLAYING SPORTS! and it gets worse next day shes wearing PEace signs tie die, converse , and shorts but shes lisening to PANIC! AT THE DISCO on her ipod. WHO THE HELL IS THIS GIRL?? Wow buddy its called originality ONCE AGAIN STEROTYPES LOSE!!!!!! haha -FOR A PESSIMEST IM PRETTY OPTIMISTIC I Have An Addiction..................... ..................To music i try to go past the cd store without going in i really try but i cant do it. I TRY NOT TO SUBCRIBE TO ANY LABEL BUT IF I HAVE TO I AM A HIPPIE/PUNK/ROCK/EMO/GOTH/SQUR IL/SPAZ/INDIE GIRL/OUTCAST/SOFTBALL PERSON/FREAK/CRAZY BEAT THAT I DIDNT THINK SO OOOOOOOOOO BURN
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