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i think if you saw me walking down the street you'd stair for a second following me with ur eyes maybe even moving ur head in the direction im going. in that surface in counter you may think a number of things but im not sure the thought you came up with would be correct. now the question is whether you'd take the motive to go beyond the surface and dig into my head. while it would be a messy and long dig i think youd find something interesting. who knows maybe you'll "dig" me... im cheesy.
i enjoy people, especially weird ones, i find average boring. exploring the domes of people i feel can be helpful to your mental health and others. considering my background in psychotic breaks i love to help or even just know crazy brains. even normal people interest me but mainly why they hide there heads. i also enjoy a number of cliche things like music (listening, attempts to write, shows, shows, and more shows), art (i love the idea of turning white into something. colors amaze me and with acrylics i can create my own but even just simple pen doodles are so great for the soul. i have a theory that its our brains just spilling into shapes then into creations when we simple doodle w.e comes out), writing ( i have a story i've been working on for years and i'm not sure it will ever be done, i also enjoy little blurbs of writing. i love talking, teaching, and helping with my words but i tend to make a mess out of things when i talk. my words come out faster then my mouth can handle. when i write i can edit and stop to think or rewrite things the "write" way), i work closely with my relationship with the lord ( i don't feel a title should be given to have to explain faith so if i must say what i am religiously i keep it simple saying a believer. i love digging deeper into all religions to find how they connect as a whole. i also try and find ways to talk about the important parts of religion without actually bringing up god or any type of religious term in hopes that people who dislike religion in general can learn the point behind it all rather then close there ears when they think your preaching), dancing ( i'm not good what so ever but when you let music fill you it makes it's way through and out of every poor in your body which in tern brings your body into some kind of movement whether it awkward or graceful we all do it and i love it. especially surrounded by a bunch of sweaty people at a show just letting loose), talking ( even tho i make a mess of it i like in. in fact probably to much. i'm sure i annoy people so i work on not talking but it tends to not work i could do so all day), fear facing ( threw my life i come in and out of fears but something about facing them gives this natural high better then any drug you could imaging. not to mention the courage it can build and the experiences it can bring), new things ( there's to much in the world to not keep trying things), and much much more (life is a hobby)
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- twenty | one | pilots - as cities burn - underoath - a day to remember - the used - taking back sunday - lydia - the list goes on and is always growing
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