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hellorz!!!HAHAHA my name is angelica i love Paramore who doesnt ill tell u who LOZERS!! HAHAHA i was born in Ecuador that is located in the earth's equator in south america for the ppl who dont know (belive me some pplz don't) but i live in the U.S. in CT to be exact!! im 17 years old still livin life to the FULLEST! in highschool still gettin my education! my favorite songs from Paramore has to be Misery Business, Ignorance, That's What You Get, CrushCrushCrush, and Decode!! but all of their songs are epic and awesome so yeah!! when i grow up i want to become and actress/singer like Demi Lovato shes amazing also!! so yeah u can follow me in twitter in!!i extremely love Paramore no other band could like replace them!! all my love, and God Bless Angelica XOXO!!!
Listening to music, dNcing like no one is watching me, and singing my heart out are my passions :D
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Paramore Panic! At the Disco VersaEmerge New Found Glory Black Veil Brides Eyes Set to Kill Fall Out Boy
United States
Angie Palacios
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Paramore Honda Civic Tour 2010