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Auztin Mumby
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I am a student at ferris state university in the music industry management program. I have several loves in my life but none that compare to my love for music, as cliché as it is to say it I really could not live with out it. Its my thing, as well as other artsy type things like skateboarding, art, photography anything that has to do with creativity, but music is my first passion first and foremost. My biggest goal in life was always to become a talented loved musician, not necessarily famous just someone who people loved to listen to. But now that I am older I realize that it doesn't matter to me what im doing as long as im around music. Selling merch at concerts, discovering and signing artists, producing, performing, or even owning a music store or a hole label. If it has to do with that thing called music im in. Im really hoping to find an internship with someone or something that can get me experience in the music business, help me get my foot in the door and start to network with people from all over within the business. But mostly something that can get me around music constantly. I was really hoping to get an internship with FUELED BY RAMEN, because they have signed some of my favorite bands and musicians like paramore which has been one of my favorite bands sense my sister played their first big album for me when I was a little kid and fun, who's aim and ignite and some nights albums are some of the best there is. But something working with the civil wars or Joe brooks would be good to :). Im super stoked to be a part of the FUELED BY RAMEN street team. I really hope it helps get me somewhere and gets me started in the music business, but mostly I just hope it lets me see some of my favorite bands and artists perform and lets me help promote them.
I love music, playing it and listening to it. Im also really into skateboarding, and photography, their all im really good at aside from cooking ( which I do and excellent job at). Watching movie is something I love doing to especially old Disney movies. Nature is like my second home I spend as much time as I can outside walking down back roads and through the woods. I spend time with my family and even more with my friends, because we usually just sit around and listen to music or play it all night long. There are spurts were im into video games and when im not. I also love looking at shoes, I don't know why I just like shoes.
Favorite Bands: 
I have a long list of favorite musicians it is as follows: - Joe Brooks - Young the giant - Ed Sheeran - A rocket to the moon - The civil wars - Alex Clare - Mumford and sons - Bruno Mars - Paramore - Sara Barellies - The script - Florence and the machine - One republic - Kacey Musgraves - Fun - Emile Sande - Plug in stereo - Noah Gundersen - Imagine dragons - Passenger - Big sean - Kanye west - of monsters and men. These are just a few of my favorite bands and musicans.
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Auztin Lee Mumby
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Auztin Mumby
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I have not been to many concerts in my life because I have never had the money, but im trying to go to them now through my program and by saving money. I am going to a paramore concert in November that Im am extremely excited for.
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