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Sublime With Rome's new album Yours Truly is available now!
Includes 'Panic' and 'Take It Or Leave It'
When y'all go out on tour - what three things do you always take with you?

Weed, xbox and a smoke machine

I really admire your songwriting on "Panic" - do you remember the name of the first song that you ever wrote?

First song I ever wrote was called "Hero" and it's probably the worst song ever written lol

In the early days of Gym Class Heroes, we would get obvious associations with The Roots and Atmosphere - those dudes are amazing, but we've always been just as keen on bands like Deftones and Hall & Oates. Are there any artists you've found inspiring that people might not necessarily expect?

Totally man! I listen to Motown almost exclusively. I love Skrillex and Steve Aoki. And yes...Hall & Oates!!

Is it true that you weren't built in a day?

Well 26 hours... So like a day and some change...

This is incredibly personal - but when we play a show, we require a piñata filled with pickles (just like in 'Problem Child') to be hung in our dressing room. Got any weird stuff on your backstage rider?

Nothing crazy on the rider cuz I hate spending money , BUT before almost every show Eric and I play quarters and down shots of patron. When we have Matty from The Dirty heads fill in for Bud when Bud can't get in the country, Eric and I try and get him as wasted as possible before stage lol

I've always admired Sublime's ability to incorporate lots of dub/reggae elements into punk rock music. That being said, do you think Jamaica's bobsled team has a shot at "the gold" next Winter Olympics?

I believe even if they lose their hearts are still filled with the radiance from jah-rastafari-salassi! Bless!

Your voice has this really urgent, bluesy tone - which I think works perfectly for your band. Before linking up with the Sublime dudes, were you playing in any other bands?

I always tried to start bands but it never worked cuz not everyone was as serious as I was. I just wanted to play live a bunch but I sure had a lot to learn, so I'm glad things worked out the way they did.

So now that you've joined one of the preeminent bands of our generation and are like, super-famous and stuff - are you getting recognized a bunch? And is that something you're comfortable with?

Ya I get recognized and it's radical . At first it was really awkward cuz I couldn't fathom that concept. But now I kinda understand so I like surpassing their expectations when they meet me! I'm really just like them so if you come steppin to me with some smoke, I'll probably burn it down with you.

Assuming you drink a beer every so often, what's your favorite brew?

Hahaha 211 steel reserve is my fav beer. And back to your question on weird things on the rider... Two 40's of 211 always on the rider. I love that stuff. Reminds me of when I was a kid with a mohawk.

We all gotta pay bills, right? What's the last "job" you worked before making music your full-time gig?

No joke... My last job was a online video game tester. Last pay check I got was from Sony. I tested all the dope games! Call of Duty, GTA 4 , MX vs. ATV. It was rad but not for me. I can't stare at a screen for that long. I missed my cheap makeshift home studio too much!