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Panic! At The Disco's new album Vices & Virtues is available now!
Includes 'The Ballad Of Mona Lisa' and 'Ready To Go'
So I'm not sure if there's anyone currently NOT excited for the new Panic album. If you had to compare the album to a fruit bowl, what types of fruit might one find in it? Judging by Mona Lisa, I'd imagine a strawberry or two...

Sure! Throw in a bundle of seedless grapes, some sliced watermelon, exactly 4 oranges, some lilikoi, a few kiwis, and a couple of bananas; You've got yourself a record.

One thing that i've always been able to relate to in your music and style is the influence from film scores and soundtracks. Are there any particular new or old films you've drawn creative ideas from while working on Vices and Virtues?

We definitely share a love for scores and films. I suppose the movie I watched the most while making this record was The Big Lebowski. From the soundtrack to the dialogue and characters, easily one of the most entertaining films I've ever seen. I've always loved the scene/mini movie that uses Kenny Roger's "Just Dropped In." The song on it's own is an event and the film introduced me to it. I highly recommend this movie to everyone.

I can't seem to go hardly anywhere without people telling me that you and I look alike. Should we make a show out of this? Maybe a "Transport of Man" type deal? We could boggle minds...

Yeah, we really do look similar. We should, at the very least, make a show out of this. Could be a t.v. show. Could be a magic act. Yes. The teleportation trick.

You've worked quite a bit with John Feldman on the new record. Im guessing that high-caffeine Thai tea played a part in the writing/recording process. Thoughts?

You know, when you work with Feldy you should always expect caffeine. Or tacos. Or ice cream. Either way, you're having a good time. And the caffeine (specifically the Thai tea, or "The Dragon" as it is sometimes called) definitely kept me working on those long nights.

Im pretty shocked we have yet to play a show together. Hopefully we will soon enough! How excited are you to be back out and touring on new songs?

A show should definitely occur with us together in the future (maybe burlesque?.. we'll discuss). I've been looking forward to getting back on tour for quite a while now. Playing new songs is always exciting and the butterflies stay around for a good part of the tour.

Another thing that initially caught my attention with Panic was all of the wild live production. I wish more bands would try and execute a visual to go along with the music they're playing! Can we expect to see any fire-breathers, jugglers, dancers, muskrats, llamas, or unconscious Argentineans falling through the ceilings of any Panic shows this year..?

I agree. I've always loved when acts would put as much care and attention into their live show as they did their music. This time around, we wanna bring some of that back. We've discussed some stage-dressing ideas for our upcoming shows. And yes, much like a salad, a stage-dressing should not be too sweet or too rancid. As for the llamas, well, we'll see what we can do about them.

We actually recorded our first LP in Malibu exactly one year ago, and were spoiled by the beautiful pacific coast for a month. Are you still regularly surfing?

Oh, friend, the ocean is such a beautiful monster. Unfortunately, I haven't surfed in a few months and, with tour starting up soon, it seems it may not happen for a little while. But I've still got the urge and the surfboard, so THIS WILL HAPPEN. In fact, we should go surf with some seals together some time. I'll provide the sports drinks and snacks.

You're bringing 3 recordings into a bomb shelter that will be the only evidence to rebuild music after everything is destroyed in a nuclear holocaust. What would you choose? Choose wisely.

Oh. Shit. RUN! EVERYBODY GET UNDERGROUND! THE NUCLEAR HOLOCAUST IS HAPPENING!..... Now that everyone's safe inside my basement/bomb shelter, I grab my record player and a bag (no, not that bag). Inside the bag: The Beatles White Album, Queen's A Night at the Opera, and Peter Gabriel's So. Why? Because they're all great for so many different reasons and sound nothing like each other. And with this we will rebuild music.

What was the first instrument you picked up?

I believe the first instrument I tried was piano. It was always just sitting there in the front room, begging to be played. After my first couple notes, I was hooked. I don't believe I've ever had a stronger addiction since.

I heard you play accordion. My grandma recently gave me her accordion and i have yet to learn. Can you teach me some jams?

Definitely. I mean, I'm no Myron Floren, but I've played along to a song or two. I'm sure my knowledge of the accordion would be about a three minute lesson, so we'll just pick it back up together.