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VersaEmerge's debut album Fixed At Zero is available now!
Includes 'Figure It Out' and 'Fixed At Zero'

Was there a specific moment that you decided music was your life? when was that?

I was into a lot of different things when I was younger. I actually wanted to be a professional bmx bike rider haha. I was around 14 when I decided I was better at music than skateboarding, surfing, motocross, bmx, etc.. Plus there are fewer broken bones involved!

I love the chords you choose for your songs. very unusual and unique. what were some of your main influences growing up?

Thanks! I've had a very broad range of influences growing up... Jimi Hendrix, Greenday, and The Smashing Pumpkins just to name a few. (My first band was actually a blues band fyi...) I really enjoy chord changes that are unconventional, although plain diatonic changes can be equally beautiful!

Have you seen black swan yet? how awesome is that scene with mila kunis and natalie portman?! right?!

Which scene are you talking about? When they're dancing, right...!? ...Jk

Have you picked up any new music/bands lately? are there any older bands that you're just now discovering?

I find myself often stuck on the same few albums every couple of years. It's been Bjork's "Post," Vespertine," and "Homogenic" over the past 4 years or so haha. Judging by when those were released, I am a bit late. As for newer stuff, I've been listening to a lot of John Williams soundtracks. Also Sierra introduced me to Ellie Goulding's "Lights" about a year ago. I quite like dance music...

Do you have a favorite instrument with which you enjoy writing songs the most? mine's oboe, so you can't say that.

I was totally gonna say that! Not really, but I did write a song on my iPhone once. Does that count?

Do you remember the last song you heard that was so good you wish you wrote it? what was it?

Yes I do. "Nature boy." It's so haunting and eerie and perfect.

Why do we look so much alike? what the hell is going on?!

Wait.. When's your birthday? ...ARE WE TWINS?

I know you've worked a bit on score-type music. is that something you'd like to pursue in the future? scoring movies?

I would love nothing more than to score films! And I plan on it. Gimme some strings and I'm on it!

Dude, seriously. why do we look so much alike?

I'm telling you... Broadway.

When was the last time you screamed? like, super-loud, grizzly-bear, guttural scream? if you haven't, why not? you chicken?

Probably about 30 minutes ago. 40 maybe... I can't really control when it happens. It's becoming a problem. Speaking of chicken, want some roasted chicken-flavored crisps? They have those here... (Glasgow)

How did my questions compare to other interviews? would you mind filling out a feedback card? thanks.

Well done sir! Besides the questions about us looking alike... I already get enough about that. I mean, do you realllly think I need more attention drawn to the subject?? : )