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In 7th grade I purchased a copy of Green Day's "Dookie" album from a friend and received several copies as birthday presents. After listening to it once I was never the same. What are 3 albums that had a significant impact on making you the man that you are today? in order of appearance.

- Metallica's "And Justice for All..."
- Propagandhi's "Less talk more rock"
- Beulah's "the coast is never clear"

Technology makes creating music significantly more accessible and portable than ever before. For the past several years Apple's Logic has been my go-to software for making tunes on tour. What is your favorite software to use when working on your remixes and other ideas the road?

I like to use Logic Pro. I started on garage band when i first got a mac in 2001, i believe it was the first version of garageband around,a then friend of mine gave me logic 7 express and i got hooked on it, learned it really well and have been very comfortable with it ever since. I also use Abletone Live for some other things, mostly DJing.

If you had to do high school all over again as one of your bandmates who would it be and why?

Without a doubt Nate. From some of the stories he has told me, I bet it was a really interesting time and it sounds like he had the most fun. Although I bet being Victoria would be a lot of fun, not to mention, I secretly wish i grew up in CA.

Several years back you and bandmate Ryland Blackinton shared with me music from a project called This Is Ivy League. I was particularly impressed with the vocal harmonies and song writing. Is that something you still work on, and do you have any other creative projects in the works aside from Cobra Starship?

Thanks man, we haven't been as active as we used to be, although we just released a new song. We started writing an album a couple years ago but never really finished it. We don't feel like it was going to be as good as we could get it so we decided to throw it on the back burner and we slowly revisit it. As for other projects, remixing and making tracks is something I will probably always do.

How do you feel about the term "swag"? I had no idea what it meant for 8 months when I first heard it.

I gotta be honest, not crazy about it. I think its a weird compliment, being from someone else or giving it to yourself.

On stage with Cobra Starship your primary instrument is the bass. I've had the fortune of watching you shred on the guitar as well. Do you play any other instruments and do you find certain instruments more conducive to song-writing than others?

I do, I love playing the drums and since cobra, I have started doing a lot more with synthesizers. It took me a year and a half of playing synths live to learn which notes all the keys are, but ive grown quite fond of the endless possibilities and parameters. I start all of my song writing process with a drum beat and usually a simple chord progression on my keyboard.

I love cake, to the point that I at one time had a cake blog running online. What is your biggest comfort food on tour?

I only request 2 things on our rider. Red wine and cashews. I love sweets tho, but they can become my biggest enemy on tour, I can eat those suckers all day. Sushi is my favorite dinner on the road.

One of the things I appreciate the most about you is your sense of humor. What is 1 of your favorite comedic movies and 1 of your favorite comedic tv shows of all time?

I love Curb your enthusiasm. 1 of my favorite movies of all time is movie called "safe men".

What do you think you would be doing next Saturday if you had never joined Cobra Starship?

Pouring coffee.
Do you believe that world peace will ever be achieved?!

Wishful thinking but I think greed will rule the world forever.
Remember back in the day when both of our bands were squeezed together on a single bus for what was potentially one the most epic Fueled By Ramen-based tours of all time?! That was awesome.

I couldn't agree more, it was cobras first tour and really built a strong brotherhood between all of us.