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Figure It Out

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on April 5, 2011 - 8:00pm
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VersaEmerge's music video for 'Figure It Out' from the album, Fixed At Zero.

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OH MY GOD This band, I love them so much. Everything they touch is golden.

Lena B's picture

Simply amazing. loVE.

key!!!!'s picture

wow is just a good song & video!!

Evan's picture

I love it!

gabby's picture

Love it!!!

Samantha Levitan's picture

SICK!!! I love the song and the music video. And I love VersaEmerge with all my heart. :)

David Chamberlin's picture

It's really good, Like really really sick. I don't mean to assume, but it sounds like the synth in the background has an arpegiater on, and I think you should just play the arpegiation, and if you cant then don't put it in the recording. I wanna see growth in a band's skill, so you shouldn't fake that you have the skill to play something, get good enough to play it when you are, and then play it live (:

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tripppyyyyyyyyyyyyy, so not what i expected :P

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helll yea!!