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Figure It Out

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on April 5, 2011 - 8:00pm
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VersaEmerge's music video for 'Figure It Out' from the album, Fixed At Zero.

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So beautiful =]

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I was sure it was gonna be an alien thing by the mood lol still not certain though

versaEVE's picture

i like the beginning. It looked like the director was going for more of a "story" type of music video, but then it looses me when most scenes are of the band playing/singing (which, don't get me wrong, i like to see.. but i can see them live for all of that) and then there's no point really of the rocks..the band just disappears. the music video (special effects-wise) is very good and you guys did a great job in the acting but i think that next music video you guys should make some cool story line to go with it. it keeps the viewers sucked in, wanting to see more, while listening to some amazing music =]

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omg this was amazing

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