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  • Lazarus

    Travie McCoy
    1. We'll Be Alright
    2. Need You
    3. Billionaire
    June 08, 2010

    Travie McCoy 01. Dr. Feel Good (feat. Cee-Lo Green) 02. Superbad (11:34) 03. Billionaire (feat. Bruno Mars) 04. Need You 05. Critical (feat. Tim William) 06. Akidagain 07. We'll Be Alright 08. Manual (feat. T-Pain and Young Cash) 09. After Midnight 10. Don't Pretend (feat. Colin Munroe)

    Lazarus is like nothing you've heard before from Gym Class Heroes' frontman Travie McCoy. You'll love 'Billionaire,' 'We'll Be Alright' and 'Superbad (11:34)' as these tracks display Travie's talent as a solo artist and keep you jamming out after midnight.
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June 8, 2010
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9. After Midnight: Interesting song, but I don't like it that much. Catchy, but not much else. 3/5
10. Don't Pretend (feat. Colin Munroe): This is another favorite of mine. He wrote it perfectly, I would only change the very end. It has a nice beat, and pretty lyrics. 5/5

Good job Travie! This is one of my favorite albums of all time, and I have much more than this to say about it. My average rating for this record is a 3.5/5 which averages to a 4/5. P.S. Critical (feat. Tim William) is supposed to be a 3/5. Sorry.

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If I could give this record 500 stars I would. I love GCH and now I love Travie McCoy as a solo artist too!
1. Dr. Feel Good (feat. Cee Lo Green): Great opening to Lazarus. Love the beat and the lyrics are incredible. Cee Lo gives the song a great chorus, with Travis giving it greatly written verses. 5/5
2. Superbad (11:34): Sometimes I like this song, sometimes I don't. Also, I can't really tell when he's trying to sing and when he's rapping. Well written, but definitely not my favorite off the album. 3/5
3. Billionaire (feat. Bruno Mars): This song introduced most of the world to Travie McCoy as a solo artist and Bruno Mars. Fun song, and you can listen to it over and over without getting too annoyed. I find that a good thing. 4/5
4. Need You: This is also a fun song. But, unlike Billionaire, at least to me, is not one of those songs you can listen to over and over. Catchy beat and lyrics, but not his star song. 4/5
5. Critical (feat. Tim William): This one, to me, is my least favorite of the album. I do think he wrote this well, but it's very annoying to me. 2/5
6.Akidagain: Either this or Dr. Feel Good for favorite off album. Travie wrote this as a theme song to his life, and I think it turned out very nice. Also, it had great lyrics, my favorite line being, "If this is 'Groundhog's Day' I guess I'm Bill Murray". 5/5
7. We'll Be Alright: I haven't listened to this track as much as others, but, like Superbad (11:34), sometimes I like this one, and sometimes I don't. This is still a well written song though, don't get me wrong. 4/5
8. Manual (feat. T-Pain & Young Cash): I'm gonna start with the good part. Travie's parts are AMAZING! Well written, awesomely performed. Now the bad. Why are T-Pain and Young Cash on this song!? First off, Young Cash's verse doesn't even make sense, and T-Pain ruins the chorus with his auto-tuned voice. In my opinion, T-Pain and Young Cash completely ruin this song. I wish I could give this song five stars. 3/5