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Fast Times At Barrington High

  • Fast Times At Barrington High

    The Academy Is...
    1. Summer Hair = Forever Young
    2. About A Girl
    August 19, 2008

    The Academy Is... 01. About A Girl 02. Summer Hair = Forever Young 03. His Girl Friday 04. The Test 05. Rumored Nights 06. Automatic Eyes 07. Crowded Room 08. Coppertone 09. After The Last Midtown Show 10. Beware! Cougar! 11. Paper Chase 12. One More Weekend

    On their third studio album, The Academy Is... worked with producers S*A*M and SLUGGO (Gym Class Heroes, Boys Like Girls, We The Kings) to create an album of huge guitar-driven rock, pop, and high school reminiscing. The album features the single "About A Girl" along with "His Girl Friday" and "The Test."
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August 19, 2008
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the best!